Originally, I wanted a place to stick fanfiction because fanfiction.net started dropping the ball a long, long time ago. AO3 does what I wanted out of a fic hosting site. I also wanted somewhere to post my art other than elfwood, which deviantart mostly fills now.

This site is still incredibly useful as hosting, and this index can serve now as a central link hub to other places to find me since I no longer must do all of this manually.

Deviant Art -- Artwork (rating restricted)
Archive of Our Own -- Writing (everything writing goes here)
Tumblr -- misc
Pillowfort -- gradually moving away from tumblr and over onto here
Plurk -- mostly RP stuff

I can be contacted through most of these sites, but if email is desired, you can contact me at aro(at)arowrites(dot)net, although it is very important that you use a subject that makes it clear that you aren't spam. The title of a story/series of mine, or "AroWrites.Net - I'm not spam!" usually works.